Whole Brain® Content Libraries

Discover topic-focused digital asset libraries to suit your every need.

Herrmann International’s 35 years of research on thinking, learning and the brain in business have allowed us to develop a trove of content on topics that support a wide range of business and organizational challenges. We know how meaningful this content is because of the impact it has had on numerous organizations. So, we want to share it with the world.

Meet Whole Brain® Content Libraries: your one-stop shop for all of the materials you need to embed Whole Brain® Thinking concepts into your organization. These content collections will enable you to extend the value and reach of your organization’s investment in HBDI® and Whole Brain® Thinking. Whether you need support for developing new and existing talent, learning and development programs, strategy, or cultural initiatives, we’ve got it.

Transformative Content at Your Fingertips

Easy to access with the click of a button


Access 35 years of research and content in self-service, easy-to-navigate libraries.

Diverse to suit all thinking preferences


Find content that applies to a wide range of business and organizational issues.


Incorporate Content Libraries into new or existing programs for a customized approach.

Unique Teams Need Unique Tools

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for embedding Whole Brain® Thinking into an organization. Your organization and its diverse teams are unique, which means you need solutions that you can tailor to your needs.

That’s why we built Content Libraries with flexibility in mind. These are your building blocks—the end result is up to you. Each Content Library includes:

      • Welcome Introduction & Table of Contents
      • Usage Guidelines
      • Blank Whole Brain® Walkaround
      • Activities
      • Walkarounds
      • Models
      • Additional Reading

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Please note: in order to use Content Libraries, you or someone in your organization must be HBDI® Certified.
Learn more about Certification.