Assessment Tools and Solutions for Transformative Thinking

Gain insights and practical applications of Whole Brain® Thinking with HBDI® assessments and learning programs.

As tasks and business issues grow more complex, bringing together the balance of thinking necessary to get the best solutions and equiping your employees to fully leverage their brainpower is essential. Think about it: our research shows that teams with more thinking diversity are more effective and productive than teams with “homogenous” thinking. It makes sense, right? Diverse thinking preferences means more ideas generated, tighter alignment to goals and strategy, open collaboration and passion, and better planning and execution. But those teams are also more difficult to manage without a clear and simple methodology. Introducing the HBDI® to first measure your employee’s preferences, then using Whole Brain® Thinking to support the ongoing application will ensure your success.

It’s Never One Size Fits All

We work with you to understand your business challenges and goals to craft a solution that delivers powerful results to your teams and organization. All of our solutions fall into this 3-step model:


Assessments for individuals, teams and organizations to measure how you think as individuals and teams as you interact with the world around you


Workshops and content to enable the understanding and recognition of how thinking preferences influence our interaction with individuals, teams, organizations and information.


Tools, processes and advisory to help thinkers apply Whole Brain® Thinking to leverage cognitive diversity to adapt and achieve ongoing, desired results

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“We are using the Whole Brain® System as an integral tool to employee development and team effectiveness. We use the Whole Brain® Thinking System to improve self-awareness, understanding and self-mastery to enhance Emotional Intelligence. Realizing that thinking preferences are evident in our communication, decision making and collaboration efforts we include the team’s HBDI® Profile during the kick-off phase. Teams discuss strengths and watch-outs and often identify additional resources needed for the additional phases.  HBDI® colors of blue, green, yellow and red are common in our language. You’ll hear someone say “we need some green thinking on this issue” or “let’s play in yellow for a while.”

Stephanie Taylor
Stephanie TaylorSenior Manager, Organizational Development, Compensation & Recruiting

“One of the major benefits of the Whole Brain® Thinking System is its relevance to so many operational and strategic people development activities. We use the HBDI® as an objective and neutral way of helping our clients to understand their thinking preferences and how that plays out in their everyday work. We work in partnership to implement meaningful personal development plans.  For us, the major advantages that the HBDI® has over its competitors, is the simplicity in design, application and accessibility and the ease of use across cultures and all levels of seniority.”

Samantha Caine
Samantha CaineClient Services Manager, Business Linked Teams Ltd.

Our Building Blocks

HBDI® Employee Assessments

HBDI® Assessment

Get the foundation for thinking agility, cognitive diversity, and Whole Brain® Thinking. The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI) is a practical, easy-to-apply program that helps you adapt thinking preferences and optimize brainpower to maximize business results.

Whole Brain® Learning Programs

Put better thinking to work and increase individual and organizational effectiveness. Our learning programs combine real-world applications of Whole Brain® Thinking to solve everyday business issues.

HBDI® Certification

HBDI® Certification

Join the global practitioner network of training professionals, consultants, educators, management specialists and business leaders who are helping to introduce transformative thinking within organizations.

Custom Whole Brain® Thinking Solutions

Custom Whole Brain® Thinking Solutions

Bring us the challenges and we’ll help you solve them. Our Whole Brain® experts help you develop a strategy and plan based on your specific business issues, goals, and mission.

Don’t know where to start? Contact a Whole Brain® Strategist to help you with your needs.