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Leadership in the 21st Century: Brains 3.0

Read this article by Ann Herrmann-Nehdi in the the December 2014 issue of Realizing Leadership. There’s no shortage of ideas and literature on the subject of leadership. From books to blogs to the advice of the gurus, it’s hard to avoid the glut of theories and philosophies about what it takes to be an effective leader. But taken altogether, a clear pattern emerges: This extensive catalogue of literature has evolved slowly over the last century, often presenting a lagging view backward rather than a much-needed leading view forward articulating the skills leaders will need in the future and how we will get there. Read full article.


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    Business Linked Teams

    One of the major benefits of the Whole Brain® Thinking System is its relevance to so many operational and strategic people development activities. We use the HBDI® as an objective and neutral way of helping our clients to understand their thinking preferences and how that plays out inBLT-Logo-Black-Letters-Huge-3371-x-1258 their everyday work. We work in partnership to implement meaningful personal development plans.  For us, the major advantages that the HBDI® has over its competitors, is the simplicity in design, application and accessibility and the ease of use across cultures and all levels of seniority.”

    - Samantha Caine, Client Services Manager, Business Linked Teams Ltd.


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      Featured Book

      The Whole Brain Business Book, by Ned Herrmann

      Get practical tips, advice and insights from our collection of audio podcasts and learning videos.

      Goodbye, left brain/right brain. Farewell to simplistic concepts and superficial solutions. In the hot arena of mind research and its applications in business, the new benchmark is Ned Herrmann’s Whole Brain® Thinking System. It delivers what it promises.WBBB

      Here, in his most recent book, Herrmann himself shows how to apply his famous four-quadrant paradigm for maximum productivity and creativity at work! It is the first book to apply the whole brain® thinking exclusively to business.

      The culmination of decades of research, this guide is as well-balanced as the model of the brain it describes: it is visionary and communicative, logical, organized, with conclusions drawn from a database of over 1,000,000. You and your organization will use it to:

      • Learn about yourself and your company
      • Break out of the “box” created by overreliance on one or two styles of thinking
      • Optimize your leadership and followership styles
      • Create and manage Whole Brain® Teams
      • Inject creativity into every area of business

      If the administrators in your company are stifling the new ideas put forth by the communicators and visionaries…or if you’ve shifted too much power from the marketers to the budget cutters and are now paying the price…it’s time to get back in balance. Ned Herrmann will show you how to harness the power of all four thinking preferences, with exercises and examples citing lead-edge companies. It’s smart business. And it’s Fun! Order here.

      Access our full book list.




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        Featured BrainBytes®

        September 2014: Why Learning and the Brain is on Everyone’s Mind

        It’s no secret the subject of learning and the brain is always on my mind. But lately, it seems to be something everyone is thinking about. In the past month alone, I’ve received two requests to write articles about the impact of brain research on training and learning. It’s also a topic that seems to be percolating more and more in the overall business community, particularly as new methods of studying the brain have generated new findings, more publicity and greater interest in broader circles.

        In light of all this, it’s not surprising that one of the most common remarks I now hear from business leaders, training professionals and learners alike is an exasperated, “I feel like people are telling me I have to be a neuroscientist to do my job these days!”
        The last decade has seen a frenzy of neuroscience research, leading to an avalanche of new findings and interest in the field. But along with the exciting new knowledge comes the inevitable hype and distraction. New studies abound that may or may not really be practical or relevant in application.

        For true ROI®—the Return on Intelligence that comes from getting a better return on not just Investment but also Initiatives, Interactions and Innovation—application is what matters most. That’s why being able to filter out the signal from the noise, the “breakthroughs” from the “bunk,” is critical.

        How has this explosion of research and interest affected your strategies? What can we do to avoid the “neuro-learning fad” syndrome? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Drop me a line or tweet me @annherrmann.

        PS. Be sure to join me at the Learning 2014 Conference in Orlando next month where I’ll be conducting sessions on this very topic!

        More Information:

        On Demand Webinar: Tools for Team Performance
        Access the recording of Kevin Sensenig’s recent HRDQ Webinar on optimizing team brainpower, and then download this Action Checklist to help your team apply a more think-centered approach to tasks and issues.

        The Whole Brain® Blog
        This month, we’ve been discussing the SAGA of managing your thinking in a chaotic world, ways to value of thinking diversity, and why you might be surprised to learn how your employees think. Join the conversation!

        HR.com Webinar
        On Nov. 4th, Herrmann International’s, VP of Learning, Dr. Kevin Sensenig will show you how to develop “thinking managers” who can bridge the employee engagement gap. Learn more.

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          Access research and study information related to the Whole Brain® Thinking System. To view research on a specific topic, click on the relevant tag to the left.

          If you are interested in using the Whole Brain® Thinking System in a research project, master's thesis or dissertation, please download and complete the research consent application.

          Featured Research

          Balance of Thinking Improves Team Effectiveness

          A six-year study at the US Forest Service concluded that teams with a balance of thinking preferences are 66% more effective than non-balanced teams, and that they consider more options and make better decisions.

          The study examined the effects of applying the Whole Brain® Thinking System to group/team construction, comparing teams comprised of people with homogeneous thinking preferences with those that included a balance of thinking preferences, representing all four quadrants of the Whole Brain® Thinking System.

          Download the full report: How to Improve Group Productivity (Charles G. DeRidder and Mark A. Wilcox)


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            View our on-demand webinars to learn best practices from business leaders and experts.

            Featured Webinar

            On Demand Webinar: HRDQ Optimizing Team Performance

            Listen to webinar recording here. Organizations such as Microsoft Game Studios use a thinking-based strategy to assemble teams that are equipped to tackle tough business challenges, and Kevin Sensenig i is here to share them with you.

            As the business environment grows more demanding, organizations are becoming dependent on the collective intelligence of teams to improve problem-solving skills, discover innovative solutions, and deliver higher quality results in less time. Yet all too often teams are unable to reach their potential, regardless of the talent and experience held by the individual team members.

            Join us for A New Model of Team Performance: Optimizing Team Brainpower for Maximum Results. Led by, Kevin J. Sensenig, this interactive webinar will give you practical tools and think-centered methods for helping teams to tap into their full brainpower. He will use examples and exercises to guide you through an easy-to-apply model and she’ll share the specific strategies major organizations such as Caesars Entertainment and Microsoft Game Studios are using to assemble the most effective teams for tackling tough business problems.

            Participants Will Learn:

            A thinking-based model and tools to help teams work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and reap the benefit of diverse perspectives.
            How to apply the latest research on thinking and team productivity to help teams achieve specific business objectives, whether the team is virtual or on-site, intact or cross-functional, or collaborating with external stakeholders.
            How to assemble the most effective team, based on the mental demands of the assignment, project, or problem.

            Who Should Attend

            Organization development professionals
            Human resources managers
            Team leaders

            Webinar recording.


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              Download white papers with tips and strategies for leveraging better thinking for better performance and better results.

              Featured White Paper

              Close the Leadership Gap: Accelerate High Potential Development with a Think-Centered Approach

              Understanding the thinking requirements of your future leaders as well as the future of the business can radically transform how you identify and develop high potentials. In this white paper, you will learn how to discover changes in the business environment that will dramatically impact how we define, develop and motivate high-potential employees as well as explore the essential thinking skills that will define the next generation of leaders. Learn how to accelerate hi-po development by aligning the thinking requirements of the business with the thinking and learning needs of your high potentials and get practical tips for using thinking as the benchmark for competency development and to craft programs that leverage your hi-pos’ mental strengths and preparethem for new mental demands. Download full white paper.


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