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Articles, Research, Tips and Trends

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Featured Article

How to Grow Your Strategic Mindset

“It just completely caught us off guard.” That’s a statement you never want to hear as a business leader. But today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world makes it incredibly difficult to plan and predict the future. At the same time, we’re all under pressure to move faster and get more done. So while thinking – and strategic thinking, in particular – is a key leadership responsibility, it often gets pushed aside in the midst of the day-to-day challenges of running the business. Read the full article.

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    Get practical tips, advice and insights from our collection of audio podcasts and learning videos.

    Featured Audio & Video

    Leadership DNA

    What makes a leader? In this brief video learning nugget, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi discusses some of the research findings and what they mean for you. As a management expert for AthenaOnline, Ann contributed these videos to AthenaOnline’s SmartByte™ Library of Leadership & Management Advice. Watch the video.


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      Featured Book

      The Whole Brain Business Book, by Ned Herrmann

      Get practical tips, advice and insights from our collection of audio podcasts and learning videos.

      Goodbye, left brain/right brain. Farewell to simplistic concepts and superficial solutions. In the hot arena of mind research and its applications in business, the new benchmark is Ned Herrmann’s Whole Brain® Thinking System. It delivers what it promises.WBBB

      Here, in his most recent book, Herrmann himself shows how to apply his famous four-quadrant paradigm for maximum productivity and creativity at work! It is the first book to apply the whole brain® thinking exclusively to business.

      The culmination of decades of research, this guide is as well-balanced as the model of the brain it describes: it is visionary and communicative, logical, organized, with conclusions drawn from a database of over 1,000,000. You and your organization will use it to:

      • Learn about yourself and your company
      • Break out of the “box” created by overreliance on one or two styles of thinking
      • Optimize your leadership and followership styles
      • Create and manage Whole Brain® Teams
      • Inject creativity into every area of business

      If the administrators in your company are stifling the new ideas put forth by the communicators and visionaries…or if you’ve shifted too much power from the marketers to the budget cutters and are now paying the price…it’s time to get back in balance. Ned Herrmann will show you how to harness the power of all four thinking preferences, with exercises and examples citing lead-edge companies. It’s smart business. And it’s Fun! Order here.

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        Featured BrainBytes®

        June 2014: Do you know the mental demands your hi-po’s are facing?

        Twenty-nine months. That’s the average time it takes to develop a high-potential midlevel manager into a “ready now” senior leader, according to Aberdeen Group’s research. There’s no quick-fix to today’s leadership shortages, but what if we had an improvement process that could do for hi-po development what Agile did for software programming and Lean for manufacturing?

        With Whole Brain® Thinking, we do.

        As I’ve prepared for presentations focused on HR’s new demands as well as a session with the top 2% of a large global company, this has been on my mind recently. We can accelerate hi-po development and better prepare emerging leaders for new challenges by helping them consciously shift their thinking and manage the mental effort required to “stretch.” (For more background see our research linking thinking preferences to the stages of the Leadership Pipeline.)
        This is just one reason Whole Brain® Thinking needs to be part of the strategic toolkit for HR, talent management and learning & development professionals. Everyone has the ability to think across the spectrum of preferences; no one is confined to just one quadrant. For your own work, and for the way you identify, grow and support your future leaders, this is a message of hope!

        And once you understand the thinking potential people bring to the table and how to tap into it, you may discover a much wider base of talent with real potential to fill the leadership gap.

        PS. Be sure to check out our newest case study for an inside look at Purdue Pharma’s Whole Brain® approach to selling. You’ll learn how it’s helping the company shorten the sales cycle and improve overall sales results. Download now.

        Whole Brain® Solutions News

        HBDI® Certification Process Revamped: With our new three-day Certification Workshop format, participants get the information, guidance and tools to become an HBDI® Certified Practitioner—with less time away from the office. Learn more.

        The Latest Conversation

        It’s commencement season, and we have some advice for new graduates—or anyone who wants to really use their brain to get ahead! Read more.

        On the Forefront Magazine blog, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi explains how differences in “mental dialects” can get in the way of effective communications. Read more.

        THINC™ Webinars for HBDI® Certified Practitioners

        Log in today to register for free webinars this summer, including Adapt to Change: Applying the Latest Research to Upgrade Your Approach, with Carolyn May on July 16th, and Expanding Your Skills: Deeper Insight into the HBDI® Introversion/Extroversion Data, with Roy Maurer on August 27th.

        Upcoming Certification & Events

        HRDQ Webinar: Leadership Agility-Getting More Done with Less Our VUCA world isn’t going away, so how will you adapt?
        Certification: July 22 – 24 New York, NY
        Certification: August 12-14 Memphis, TN
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        Recent News

        Recent news: Just how much information can your brain hold? Can you be creative if you’re never bored? And are there added cognitive advantages of being bilingual? Read the roundup of news on the thinking and the brain.


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          Access research and study information related to the Whole Brain® Thinking System. To view research on a specific topic, click on the relevant tag to the left.

          If you are interested in using the Whole Brain® Thinking System in a research project, master's thesis or dissertation, please download and complete the research consent application.

          Featured Research

          Research Links Thinking and Leadership, Implications for Developing Leaders

          This study reconceptualized the Leadership Pipeline of Drotter through the lens of the Herrmann Whole Brain® Thinking Systeml to explore the thinking requirements of various leadership positions, how they align with essential leadership traits, and how to best use the resources of the digital age to develop the thinking capacity of leaders for the 21st century. Researchers determined that the focus at each level of the leadership pipeline needs to shift between the quadrants of the Whole Brain® Thinking System to successfully traverse the pipeline and move from being specialists to becoming leaders in the 21st century.

          Download the full report: Library Leadership: Designing Training to Build Leadership Competencies in the Digital Age (Ann-Louise de Boer, Theo J.D. Bothma and Johan Olwagen, University of Pretoria, South Africa)



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            Featured Webinar

            Achieve Higher Levels of Sales Performance

            Are your sales professionals spending their time and energy where it really counts?

            Accelerate their development by aligning performance strategies with what lies at the root of the buying decision—thinking. The Whole Brain®Thinking System and practical tools discussed in this webinar will help your sales team:

            • Grow top line revenue
            • Increase conversion rates and deal size
            • Shorten the sales cycle time
            • Build stronger, lasting customer relationships
            • Strengthen your competitive advantage

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              Download white papers with tips and strategies for leveraging better thinking for better performance and better results.

              Featured White Paper

              How Will You Adapt?

              In this white paper, learn:
              • Discover the impact of a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA)
              world on current and future leadership requirements.
              • Learn how thinking agility will help you and your leaders adapt, focus and get
              more done in a rapidly changing and increasingly noisy environment.
              • Explore four specific steps you can take to build your own and others’ thinking
              • Create your own action plan from the provided checklists to start putting better
              thinking to work for better performance and results.

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