Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®)

The foundation for thinking agility, cognitive diversity, and innovative thinking

The HBDI® is a powerful psychometric assessment that defines and describes the way you think and process information. It gives you insight into why you value certain types of information over others. With that valuable knowledge about yourself, you can learn how to “flex” into other ways of thinking to adapt to others – how they think, what they value, how they communicate – so you can bridge the gap, quickly.

The HBDI® is built on Whole Brain® Thinking, a holistic and complete model for making all kinds of decisions.

Personalized, On-Demand Learning

HBDI® Profile

After completing the assessment, the person receives a comprehensive HBDI® Profile report that includes in-depth interpretation of the results, reference material about the Whole Brain® Model, comparison data, and activities for further exploration and development.

Team-building Reports

HBDI® Pair Profile Reports

HBDI® Pair Profile

Give two people the practical tools and insights to interact effectively, work together more productively, and resolve issues that could be interfering with their results.

The HBDI® Pair Profile provides an in-depth analysis of two people and their thinking preferences, comparing and contrasting their individual HBDI® Profiles and creating new opportunities for application and impact. By identifying potential areas of synergy and conflict (under everyday/normal conditions and when they’re under pressure), the report delivers invaluable data that will help any two people prepare for successful interactions and maintain productive relationships.

The Pair Profile builds on the insights gained from the individual HBDI® Profile, providing two people with a comprehensive analysis of their workplace dynamics and a roadmap for success. They explore their similarities, discover the benefits of their differences, and learn techniques for communicating and working together optimally to reach their common goals.

Use it when you need to:

  • Introduce two people (a new hire, leader, business partner, coach, mentor or other new team member)
  • Improve the synergy in an existing pair relationship (peer-to-peer, leader-direct report, coach-coachee, mentor-mentee, facilitator-learner or others)
  • Help two people resolve conflict or deal with other issues that could be interfering with their effectiveness

Actual results reported from using the HBDI® Pair Profile:

  • 99% effectiveness in mentor/mentee program (up from 50%)
  • 71% of managers reporting improved ability to delegate
  • Employees better able to meet manager expectations
  • Shorter, less stressful, more productive one-on-one meetings
HBDI® Team Profile Reports

HBDI® Team Profile

Equip your teams with the data, insights and processes they need to take accountability for their productivity, move past roadblocks and distractions, generate more unique ideas, and reach better decisions and outcomes every time.

Whether virtual, newly formed, well-established or working cross functionally, teams perform at their best and get more done when they’re able to take advantage of their full diversity of thought. The HBDI® Team Profile provides teams and team leaders with a blueprint for building and managing teams that perform at optimum levels.

As a guidepost to be used with every team engagement—and with its ability to be updated as team members change—the HBDI® Team Profile is a powerful reinforcement tool for continually improving the team’s interactions, processes and results. With 13 reports and a variety of data sets to explore, compare and contrast, the Team Profile takes a deep dive into the team’s composite thinking preference data. Members gain a new perspective on how to recognize, access and apply their individual and collective strengths to reach the desired results.

Use it when you need to:

    • Set the stage for intact and cross-functional team success (executive, sales, marketing, project-specific, strategic planning, etc.)
    • Align the team’s thinking with the tasks it’s assigned to accomplish
    • Reduce productivity-killing stress and conflict
    • Assemble a cognitively diverse team to tackle a complex challenge or opportunity
    • Help teams manage projects, make decisions and solve problems more effectively
    • Introduce new teams, team members or guests

Actual results reported from using the HBDI® Team Profile:

    • 40% reduction in overall product development time
    • Five-fold increase in revenues in a two-year timespan
    • Successful cultural integration and work realignment, resulting in improved overall performance
    • Shift from strictly operational mindset to a more collaborative, inclusive approach, leading to improved innovation, engagement and talent recruitment

Learn how you can become HBDI® Certified and introduce Whole Brain® Thinking into your organization.

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Mike Beckerleg

In more than 30 years of the corporate life, I’ve used so many different tools and assessments that you tend to forget. The HBDI® has had the most profound and lasting effect on me.

Mike BeckerlegPartner, Hatch Solutions

HBDI® 4 Color, 4 Quadrant Model

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