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Upcoming Conferences and Speaking Engagements:

May 6 – 9, 2018: San Diego, CA

ATD 2018 International Conference & Exposition

Delivering Return on Intelligence: How to Meet Your Business Leaders’ Mandate

Speaker: Ann Herrmann-Nehdi

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Past Conferences and Speaking Engagements:

February 12-14, 2018: Atlanta, GA

Training 2018 Conference & Expo

Developing Thinking Managers  with Ann Herrmann-Nehdi (Session 213)

Monday, February 12, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM in Room A302

Middle managers get pressure to manage up, down and across the organization, but how can you deliver the skills they need without adding to their troubles? Herrmann-Nehdi demonstrates easy-to-apply tools and strategies for helping your middle managers manage their own thinking more effectively and adapt, even in high-pressure situations. You’ll learn how to help them build their critical thinking skills and agility, so they can better lead and meet the needs of the business. And you’ll find out how to create developmental roadmaps for immediate and long-term business impact.

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September 19, 2017: Denver, CO
September 20, 2017: Seattle, WA

IMS Global Speaking Series

Unlocking Your Brainpower for Successful Leadership

Change, uncertainty and complexity are no longer phases or cycles in business; they are the state of business. Today’s leaders need to be both flexible and focused to succeed in this environment, and that ability starts with thinking. This interactive session with Ann Herrmann-Nehdi will explore how you can build the agile thinking skills necessary to adapt to today’s mental demands. You’ll leave with practical, easy-to-apply tools for leveraging the full brainpower available to you for greater clarity, increased personal satisfaction and better business results.

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October 2-4, 2017: Phoenix, AZ

SHRM Leadership Development Forum

Strategies to Increase Your Business Value

Speaker: Ann Herrmann-Nehdi
Session 1: Tuesday, October 3 from 4:00 pm MST/7:00 pm EDT
Session 2: Wednesday, October 4 from 2:45 pm MST/5:45 pm EDT

Earn and enhance your place at the leadership table by building your business acumen and strategic thinking. Drawing on 30+ years of research and new studies, this session will give you the tools to navigate complex relationships, demonstrate value to internal customers, execute on today’s priorities and build a compelling vision of the future. Learn four leadership thinking steps and easy-to-apply mind hacks for sharpening your business focus and being a more strategic leader.

May 21-24, 2017: Atlanta, GA

ATD 2017 International Conference & Exposition

The Secret of Highly Engaged Cultures: It’s Not What They Think, It’s How They Think

Educational session with Ann Herrmann-Nehdi
Tuesday, May 23 | 4:30-5:30 PM | Georgia World Congress Center, A313/A314

When it comes to what motivates people, everyone is unique, and motivation comes from within. To keep people engaged and productive, learning and talent professionals need to focus on unleashing that inner motivation. And that starts with understanding how they think.

Learn how to apply what we know about thinking, learning and the brain to develop employees who are fulfilled, engaged and motivated to give it their all, even when the pressure’s on. This highly interactive session will explore the impact thinking preferences have on what motivates someone, what kind of work stimulates them and the kinds of conditions they work best in.

You’ll learn practical models and tools that are based on 35 years of brain research and have been proven to work in organizations across industries and sizes. You’ll leave with an action plan for aligning talent with the mental demands of the job, providing people with the productivity tools that work best for them, and delivering the “perks” that really matter, no matter how diverse your population is.

Book Signing / Author Meet & Greet with Ann Herrmann-Nehdi
Wednesday, May 24 | 11:15 AM | Georgia World Congress Center at the ATD Store

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March 28-30, 2017: Minneapolis, MN

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion at the University of St. Thomas

Diversity of Thought: Practical Insights and Inclusive Approaches from New Global Research

Session with Ann Herrmann-Nehdi | March 30, 2017 from 11:00am-12:30pm

Learn to create a culture where everyone brings their best thinking to the table and listens, respects and applies the diverse thinking within themselves and those around them to get better results. In this interactive session, you’ll discover the power of thinking diversity as an element of your D&I efforts.

Diversity of Thought provides a pathway to inclusion that can allow you to capitalize on the diversity already present and available in your organization. You’ll explore real-world examples and practical models for measuring thinking diversity, assembling high-performance teams, helping people understand their thinking, and building their skills to better apply their mental diversity and bring in complementary thinking if necessary. Exercises and “mind hacks” based on more than 30 years of brain research will bring the concepts to life.

Leave with an action plan to tap into the power of diversity of thought to further your organization’s goals.

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January 30 – February 1, 2017: San Diego, CA

Training 2017 Conference & Expo

Future Forum: Reworking Learning at Work

Monday, January 30, 2017 from 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

We witness the changing workplace before our eyes every day. In the training world, these changes impact how we provide training experiences, how people learn, which technologies to deploy and which to dump,how to know if these approaches are having the desired impact, and what new roles and skills are required to adapt to these changes. In this interactive Forum, invited provocateurs will provide some context about these shifts in the way we work and the disruptions to the way we learn. Then, our facilitator from the Institute for the Future will involve you and the provocateurs in imagining ways of engaging this emerging future now. Topics include:

  • Reworking learning at work.
  • Workforce disruptions and key drivers.
  • Next generation of work and workers.
  • Emerging technologies (wearables, VR/AR, MOOCs, mobile, simulations) for today and tomorrow.
  • New approaches to measuring and evaluating the impact of training.


  • Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, CEO, Herrmann International
  • Devin Fidler, Director of Workable Futures Initiative, Institute for the Future
  • Anant Agarwal, CEO, edX
  • Jean Castonguay, President & CEO, CogniSens
  • Maureen Doran-Houlihan, VP, Global Talent Development, MasterCard
  • Neal Rowland, Curriculum Developer, Plex Systems
  • Karie Willyerd, Head of Global Education, SAP SuccessFactors

My Way or the Highway: Engaging Learners in the Age of Personalization and Overloaded Brains

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 from 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

Since the first Training Conference was held 40 years ago, almost everything has changed—especially our learners’ increasingly overloaded brains. No wonder the new expectation for learning is “just-in-time, just-for-me, just-enough.” In this highly interactive session, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi will draw on more than 35 years of research on thinking and learning, along with new studies and real-world examples, to show you how to build engaging “just-for-me” learning experiences while extending the learning cycle using brain-friendly approaches. You’ll discover how to artfully navigate learner needs to keep ahead of a changing world while helping learners get a handle on their ever-increasing mental load. Ann will share an easy-to-apply framework and practical “mind hacks” to help you help your learners really engage to get the results you both need.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Apply brain-based approaches to design the most engaging learning possible
  • Identify how to personalize learning based on learner preferences
  • Provide practical “mind hacks” to make it easier for you and your learners to get the learning they need even with an already overloaded brain

September 14-15: Cedar Rapids, IA

ATD Hawkeye 2016 Fall Conference

Secrets of the 21st Century Learner’s Brain: 4 Keys to Maximizing Learning Outcomes (Day 2 Keynote)

The learner’s brain is the most important “operating system” we need to consider in building smarter organizations for a complex, constantly changing world. This interactive keynote will show you how to engage the brains of a diverse, increasingly attention-strapped learner population and accelerate their development in the face of new performance and business demands. Drawing on the latest research on learner diversity, thinking and performance, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi will demonstrate proven Whole Brain® learning design and implementation methods. You’ll learn how to think beyond your own preferences and apply practical tools for developing more effective, efficient learning strategies that address today’s critical skill gaps and deliver lasting results.

June 19-22: Washington, DC

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference and Exposition

Come see Ann’s engaging and interactive session at the SHRM 2016 Conference, “Diversity of Thought: Where D&I Meets the Bottom Line”, in Washington, DC.

Session Information:

The challenge of measurement and setting goals tied to data-driven outcomes has prevented many Diversity & Inclusion programs from getting off the ground or getting the full business attention they need and deserve Discover how expanding the definition to include thinking diversity can help you link your efforts to specific business initiatives and challenges so you can gain organization-wide buy-in—and increase your own business credibility in the process.

Thinking preferences cut across all dimensions of diversity. In this interactive session, you’ll learn an easy-to-apply model for tapping into your own thinking diversity to address all critical aspects of a successful D&I initiative, one that will encourage innovative thinking and deliver the business benefits of a thinking inclusive workplace.

Diving into examples from companies like Caesars and Microsoft, this session will give you a new perspective on diversity as a business enabler and the tools to rethink and redesign your D&I initiatives with thinking preferences at the center and business results in as a result.
Learning objectives:

  • Apply a set of research-backed tools and models to put thinking preferences at the center of your D&I efforts
  • Identify the impact of diverse thinking preferences on behaviors and business outcomes
  • Maximize the impact of inclusion by measuring the value of each preference’s contribution to business results

Missed the session? Get the recording here.

May 22-25: Denver, CO

ATD Conference 2016

Curious about Diversity of Thought and how it applies to you?

Come see Ann’s engaging and interactive session at the ATD 2016 Conference, “New Problems, New Thinking: Harnessing Thinking Diversity for Results”, in Denver, CO.

Session Information:

Event: TU307 – New Problems, New Thinking: Harnessing Thinking Diversity for Results

Session Type: Education Session

Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

If your C-level leaders aren’t already talking about leveraging diversity of thought as a competitive advantage, they will be soon. In an age of risk and disruption, it takes ingenuity, adaptability and foresight to spot opportunities and capitalize on them, and a growing body of research confirms that thinking diversity is critical for solving complex business problems. But even if they’re aware of its importance, most leaders are struggling with what to do about it.

In this highly interactive session, you’ll learn how to create a results-driven strategy that motivates and equips people to apply their best thinking—individually and in teams—to tackle today’s unique challenges, foster a more innovative culture and value diversity in an entirely new way.

Drawing on more than 30 years of brain research, just-published findings from a study of MBA students at INSEAD, and examples from companies like Caesars and Microsoft, this session will show you how thinking diversity impacts learning, teamwork, problem solving and agility. You’ll explore practical models and tools for analyzing and measuring thinking diversity, assembling high-performance teams, helping people understand their thinking, and building skills so they can better apply their own mental diversity and bring in complementary thinking when necessary.

You’ll leave with an action plan to help your organization tap into the power of its diversity of thought and fulfill the promise of a diverse thinking culture.

Learning objectives:

      • Incorporate thinking diversity into D&I initiatives to measure success and drive specific business results
      • Apply research-backed tools and models to build thinking agility, create high-performance teams and facilitate complex problem-solving
      • Foster an innovation-friendly culture that understands, values and applies the benefits of its thinking diversity

LEAD 2016 Round Tables | February 4, 4:15-4:55 CT: Music City Center, Nashville, TN

Diversity of Thought: The Key to Leading in a Complex World

As problems and opportunities become more complex, we need new ideas, varied perspectives and different approaches. That’s why diversity of thought, recently described by Deloitte as ‘The New Frontier,” has become such a vital component of leadership today. But how do you understand, measure and leverage the breadth of thinking available in your organization to get the results you need?

In fact, diversity of thought is available in every organization, and when it’s applied—within functions, groups or by leaders who know how to shift and apply their thinking based on the needs of a situation, task or problem—it can create a significant competitive advantage.

In this practical, engaging session, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi will draw on the latest research and examples from The Whole Brain Business Book, Second Edition, as well as best practices and other new Herrmann International studies that demonstrate the powerful connection between thinking and business outcomes.

She’ll show you how to incorporate diversity of thought into your leadership strategies to develop agile leaders, fully leverage your talent, and foster a culture where everyone brings their best thinking to work. You’ll leave with easy-to-apply tools for uncovering, engaging and applying diversity of thought to drive results.

View LEAD 2016 Roundtable Agenda

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February 15-17: Orlando, FL

Training Conference 2016

Herrmann CEO, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi presented on the topic, “Increase Your Learners’ Thinking Agility with These 5 Mind Hacks”

Session Information: Thinking capital is the most precious resource our organizations have, but our brainpower is draining away as people feel they’re being sucked into a vortex of continued change and complexity. Training professionals face a unique challenge, but they also have a huge opportunity to drive business results by helping people get smarter about their thinking.

Because we only have so much capacity to learn, the constant need to learn and problem-solve in today’s world is only adding to the cognitive load people are dealing with. To thrive in this environment, your learners need to get more deliberate about how they use the most important learning tool they have, the brain.

This session will explore 5 “mind hacks” your learners can use to build their agility, improve their day-to-day effectiveness, and take back control of their thinking rather than letting complexity, technology, and change control it for them. Along with a variety of proven techniques based on the latest brain research, you’ll also discover practical new models for adapting your learning approaches to your learners’ needs, keeping in mind desired learning outcomes, business requirements, and the mental energy required of the learner.

Learning objectives:

  • Implement 5 quick “mind hacks” that will help learners build their thinking agility for greater effectiveness, engagement, and business impact
  • Using an easy-to-apply model, align learning approaches with the outcomes required, ensuring that learners are able to spend their mental energy where it counts
  • Apply practical tools and methods to help people develop a learning mindset and consciously stretch beyond their current thinking boundaries
  • Create an action plan for building a learning culture that allows people the mental space to develop, grow, and apply their full thinking potential to achieve organizational results
  • Access the resources from her presentation